Live music performance by Unison Production.

< Commercial shooting > Music is a crucial part of any event, especially wedding, as it set the mood of the occasion. From emotional tears shed at the ceremony to the wild fun had on the dance floor at the end of the evening, there is no doubt that the music chosen for the wedding…


Shot by Freddy Ma Edited by Freddy Ma. Presented by More production.

Why do we need “Live music”? — Unison Production

Live or CD…? 很多人在選擇的時候,總會同自己講,播cd重好啦,但其實大家都愛聽concert,知道Live and CD 的分别…… Live music 就像有生命力一樣,每一次演出都不同,有獨特性,天生有一種很強感染力,是立體的。 這個video是數個月前拍攝,最近這個ballroom剛剛重新裝修,令這個video顯得份外珍貴。 thanks Pearl @unison 將這個重任交給我們,感謝Grand hyatt的全力支持。 Thanks Pearl invite us to shoot this beautiful performance. Thanks Grand Hyatt for their help. Enjoy!