About Us


The wedding is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life.Its beauty stems from the natural joy of the occasion,and we do whatever it takes to capture the best of it.Our team of professional cameramen is decided to record beautiful wedding moments,not only of the bride and groom,but also their family and friends,everyone who comes to share their joy.

Video making is an art that requires both commitment and professionalism to master.As an expert adviser, we use simple and natural videos to capture touching shots at the wedding.

Don’t understate the wedding preparation.The best images, according to the videographer, come with the most unnoticed details and natural expressions. In addition to the use of stunning images, we stresses the importance of video, a crucial and narrative technique to tell a touching story.Equally important is the use of music, which brings out the best of the moments when well selected and combined with images.

Usually with two cameramen, our team observes the wedding from different angles, capturing the best expressions and the most jovial moments.At the request of clients, we can also record a “scaled wedding” with cameras set in different corners of the room.

Freddy Ma, founder of More production, believe in the power of images, as they carve eternity out of these moments.True love lives forever,and so do the best memories


Flat B , 2/F.162-164,Wan Chai Road,Wanchai,Hong Kong.


T:+852 28151782

email: wedding@moreproduction.com.hk

Facebook : www.facebook.com/moreproduction

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