The wedding of Lissa & Alvin

Thanks Lissa & Alvin —

—  We would like to say a very big thank you to Freddy and his team for producing emotional and magical videos of our wedding day that very much exceeded our expectations.

Freddy and his team shot in a non-intrusive way, as if they totally disappeared into the background, and they worked out perfectly with other photographers (I had a large team of photographers that day). Freddy’s team was so friendly and welcoming, and it was incredible having the team record our memory of our important day and make it live on for many years.

The end result is a fantastic contemporary package which fitted perfectly to our favourite music and truly captured the day. We have watched the videos over 10 times the week we received it, and we would like to say that More Production has done a fabulous job and this is the best money we have ever spent on wedding. Everyone who has seen it loves it so much and many guests asked the contact of my videographer after they have watched our same-day-edit video that day.

We were so pleased with the final result and Freddy’s team has worked so hard at every stage. We would say More Production is the BEST videography team that anyone can book for their wedding, and I could not have imagined picking a better team to work with us on our wedding day!

Lissa & Alvin —

Shot by Freddy,KAI and Zuriel .

Assistance :Terry

Edited by Freddy MA

Presented by More production.

Photographer: Ming Chan (Ming Photography)

Lawrence Tsang (

Billy Hung (Billy on air)

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